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This is an archive of code from old projects. For recent ones, follow the links in the relevant publications or directly get in touch with me.

Collection of Matlab functions for image processing, quaternions, 2D/3D geometry, rendering of 2D/3D shapes, etc.

Standalone application to visualize .flo files as used in the Middlebury and MPI Sintel optical flow datasets.

Code to train and evaluate a convolutional neural network to estimate the optical flow from a few frames of a video.

Code accompanying our 2014 paper "Multi-view Feature Distributions for Object Detection and Continuous Pose Estimation".

Our Matlab implementation of Grundmann's video segmentation algorithm, together with our filter-based motion features. The code was kept simple and is fully documented. It can use color, optical flow, and/or our motion features, and should easily adapt to other image features.

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